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General enterpreneur

Quality, reliability, innovation

General contractor

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Quality, reliability, innovation

Project design

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Quality, reliability, innovation



    As a successor to VIV Villanyszerelőipari Vállalat (VIV Electrical Industry Enterprise), founded in 1963, the VIV Group continues the Company's activity and qualified professional standard in a modern form, performing tasks and projects in the construction industry and in energetics. Our customers’ success is guaranteed by a sound financial background, experienced and qualified employees have decades of experience in their profession, a flexible organisation and a comprehensive quality management system.

    Since 1996, the restructured VIV Group has taken part – within the framework of its modernised contractor activity – in the following projects:

    • electricity supply and other electrical systems of the metropolitan public transport networks, especially for tramways, electric buses and underground train networks
    • navigation, power supply and lighting systems of civilian and military airports
    • various industry projects
    • development of power supply networks
    • and implementation of other tasks requiring special qualification and experience

    The basis of our manufacturing services is provided by four independent business branches of our modern production plant:

    • manufacturing of electrical installations
    • manufacturing of cables
    • manufacturing of sheet metal and of metal structures
    • nd surface treatment operations

    The predecessor of our production facilities has been operating in Bicske since the 1960s, which was originally created for the production and distribution of electrical switchgear equipment. In December 1996, after separating from this factory, a modern manufacturing base was set up at a new site, which continues to operate in four independent, co-operative businesses. With meeting our customers' quality expectations, our electrical equipment manufacturing, metal construction, cable sizing and surface treatment businesses export most of their products to EU countries. At the new site, a total of 3,600 sqm of manufacturing site, offices and a social building were completed, complemented by two 600 sqm logistic halls and a 1,200 sqm painting facility.

    Fields of activity

    In Hungary and in member states of the European Union, we undertake tasks and projects in the fields of industry, energetics and building installation in functions as a

    • General entrepreneur
    • General contractor
    • Contractor
    • Project designer
    • Manufacturer
    • Maintenance specialist
    • always meeting the quality requirements of our Hungarian and foreign customers.

    Quality policy

    Having introduced a consistent quality policy, the management of the VIV Group operates an efficient quality management system. Our high quality services and the continuous improvement are guaranteed by the up-to-date know-how of our employees, their professional work and suggestions. Our enterprise is driven by the ambition to guarantee consistent, high quality service and to meet our customers’ requirements by introducing and using on-the-edge and efficient technologies and procedures that have a low environmental impact. When manufacturing our products and constructing our buildings, we rely on our suppliers providing modern and high quality products, material and equipment, and we also count on the high quality services provided by our partners. We guarantee the professional standard of our own work, creating added value by using latest technologies, the training of our experts and the continuous supervision of our enteprise quality assuance systems and production management systems.